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Interior Designer Servicing the Wellington, New Zealand Region. Digital Design for all of New Zealand.

Hi I am Maddison Turley, I started studying interior design in 2019 because I wanted to have something in my life that allowed me to be creative. It turned into a huge passion of mine, I really enjoy coming up with design ideas and love seeing these concepts coming life. I believe every space should tell a story and should represent the person/ people who use the space. I started Your Exhale based on the idea that every persons home should be their place of exhale, the place where they feel the most comfortable and the most themselves. I feel way to many homes do not speak to the person who uses the space which is where I come in. I can provide you with the needed direction and knowledge to create environments that a special and meaningful. 

My design process starts with meeting my client and establishing their story, the things they like and what in life is important to them. From there we work together through the whole process of creating mood boards, colour palates, floor and lighting plans, material and furnishing schedules to pull together a space that feels like you and becomes Your Exhale. 

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